Bavaria Museum in Regensburg


The Danube its he protagonist of our idea and the building is its eulogy. Its design creates a dialogue between the city (space) and the river (time). The arising image could be compared to a boat that drifts over an open place, a container of history in constant movement and evolution. On this note the museum places itself as a metaphor of the river, in the sense that, remembering Heraclitus, everything changes and nothing stands still.

All the facades oft he main building are dressed in a woven mesh of wood which forms rhombuses in allusion oft he Bavarian flag. The rhombuses repeat systematically, like a skin that protects and shelters. Sometimes the skin is perforated, some oft he rhombuses convert to small, deep windows which are distributed over the facades and cut across the spaces of circulation with small rays of light. This skin resembles the scales of a fish and once again the edifice evokes the river and its relationship with nature, its locality and history.

location: Regensburg, Germany

project: Competition, 2013

architects Sara Tavares Costa, Pablo Díaz-Fierros, Stefan Häring y Christof Brinkmann

collaborators Antonio Laguna y Shashank Shrivasta

modelling Sara Tavares Costa y José F. Oyarzábal

photographer Pablo Díaz-Fierros