Public Library in Málaga


Surrounded by indefinition the library avoids a formal dialogue and, closed like the pages of a book, promises with eloquence other places, other worlds and gives a physical space to imaginary spaces.

But it is not isolation that it pretends. Its formal structure, laminated like piles of paper, seeks permeability through cultural interchange, so that the analogy to a book is not by chance and neither superficial. The story is about a metaphoric building and its symbolism refers to more than the formal similarities, to the distinctive concept of a book, something that, first closed, contains in its interior a universe of emotions.

location: Calatrava 6, Málaga

project: Concurso, 2005. Mención especial del jurado

architects Sara Tavares Costa, Pablo Díaz-Fierros y José Fernández Oyarzábal

collaborators David Breva

modelling Sara Tavares Costa y Pablo Díaz-Fierros

photographer José Fernández Oyarzábal