Duplex Apartment Refurbishment in Seville

Interior Design

The ground floor is reserved for everyday use and is perceived as a spacious and well-lit area. Its walls disappear and the living/dining-rooms provide space for the kitchen and vice versa. The key to this living-room is its sense of spatial continuity.

Its clean lines, white floors, walls and kitchen trap the light and distributes it, thus granting the house with a greater sense of  open space. The ceiling lights disappear -fluorescent lamps lie hidden in the ceilings- and the wall cupboards -camouflaged as walls with neither frames nor knobs- help provide the flat with a sense of space that flows. Its white walls also highlight the texture and colour of the Douglas firs placed next to its stairwell and on the top floor.

location: Torres 7, Sevilla

project: 2009

building: 2010

architects Sara Tavares Costa y Pablo Díaz-Fierros

developer Sara Tavares Costa y Pablo Díaz-Fierros

building contractor Technal, Pedro Ureña, vidrios Alumovel

build surface area 116 m2

budget 70.000 €

photographer Pablo Díaz-Fierros